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Childrens Therapy

How Do I Know My Kid Needs Therapy?

Hi! My name is Angelica Bellman, and I am a Child Behavior Therapist serving Birmingham and surrounding areas from Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy. For

Adolescent Counseling

Imagining a Better Life

Our lives are filled with a series of events; one after another.  Blissful events, tragic events, and everything in between. When those tragic events happen

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Anger Management

Looking for the Best Birmingham Therapist?

Tips to Help Find the Best Birmingham Therapist \When you are looking for mental health care, you don’t want to settle for just anyone. It’s

blending family counseling
Family Counseling

Blended Family Counseling

Relationships of any kind aren’t easy. However, bringing children from two different families under the same roof brings a multitude of differences and can take

Family Counseling

Help! My family is driving me crazy!

You’re not alone if every once in a while you would like to escape from the chaos of family life. However, we all need to

Childrens Therapy


Having adopted internationally, Dr. Paulk understands that the decision to adopt is a brave choice to enter a tedious and trying process in order to


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