Help! My family is driving me crazy!

You’re not alone if every once in a while you would like to escape from the chaos of family life. However, we all need to come home eventually. The family counselors at Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy can help you reduce conflict, understand each other better, and foster closeness. They can help your family develop strategies to solve your problems in a more effective way. Our family therapists will also help you identify the strengths in your family and help you use those strengths to tighten family bonds. The main principle of family counseling is that each family is a unique system with its own ways of interacting and expectations of each family member. In family therapy, you will examine the roles of each family member as well as the rules and behavior patterns that influence the way you respond to one another. In therapy, you will examine the ways individual personalities and values in the family influence the family as a whole.

Some families seek therapy in order to prevent problems! This happens most often when parents anticipate a big upcoming change they suspect will affect each member of the family. Family counseling may include all family members or only those most able to participate. If a family therapist sees an individual family member, it is in relation to the family therapy. If a family member discovers a need for individual therapy, then they will be referred to one of our other therapists. This is our practice in order to provide the very best care to our patients and avoid any competing loyalties.

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