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Premarital Counseling

In the midst of all your wedding preparations, have you forgotten to prepare for your marriage? Premarital counseling could be for you!

Research shows that premarital counseling reduces the likelihood of divorce by up to 30%. In a culture where 50% of marriages end up in divorce, an investment in premarital counseling is vital. Our therapists provide counseling to couples who wish to marry in order to best prepare them for the union of marriage. This focused counseling experience can help you resolve any differences before the marriage is sealed, thus preventing future conflict and strife.

Many couples avoid difficult topics until after their wedding, assuming that the seal of marriage will offset conflicts. However, addressing difficult topics – money, sexual expectations, children – before marriage can assist you in building a relationship that is satisfying to both of you for a very long time. While it may be challenging to highlight difference right before a union, the short-term lack of comfort will far outweigh the potential hurt of postponing addressing difficult topics until the future.

One of the most important aspects of premarital counseling is to identify the communication style similarities and differences between you and your partner. Great skill in communication will allow you to weather the inevitable storms of marriage. Great communications skills will hasten resolutions in the future and give you and your partner the skill of knowing when to compromise.

Fears about marriage and what it may involve are common Premarital counseling will allow you to approach your fears with confidence and knowledge that a third person is there with you and your partner to help you navigate difficult topics. Topics usually dealt with in therapy include sex, children, finances, in-laws, dealing with disagreements, spirituality, and household organization.

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