Breaking the Stigma

At Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy, our mission is to help people understand that there is nothing wrong with going to therapy! In fact, many people have found that going to therapy can be quiteful. We want to show our appreciation to people who are local, state, national, and global for speaking up about their own positive experiences with therapy.

Breaking the Stigma

Role Models of Mental Health Awareness

Pastor Chris Goins

Many thanks to Pastor Chris Goins during Mental Health Awareness month! We thank him for his willingness to speak out about his own struggles with depression and being such a huge advocate for therapy!

Ben Affleck

Having your name in the tabloids all the time can’t be easy, but we thank Ben Affleck for sharing the role that therapy had in his current emotional stability and well-being.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

BATT thanks the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge for their Heads Together Foundation focusing on mental health for all people!

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Thank you Prince Harry & Meghan Markle for supporting going to therapy for help with trauma, adjusting to difficult circumstances, and thriving mental health! #archewellfoundation

Kristin Bell

Many thanks to Kristin Bell for highlighting the positive role of therapy in her life. Check out her funny video about therapy here:

Jonathan VanNess

Thank you, Jonathan VanNess, for your honesty about the path through devastating depression and thank you for advocating for therapy on your show!

Darrel Hammond

Our sincere admiration to #darrellhammond for his transparency in sharing his path through trauma. #thebodykeepsthescore #mentalinjury

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