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Anger Management Therapy

Do you often respond to conflict or difficult situations with anger? Do you find yourself unable to calm down following the experience of anger? We offer multiple  therapy services and approaches for anger management.

Anger can be expressed along a continuum from slight to very intense reactions. It may involve not only your emotions but physical symptoms, such as an increase in your blood pressure, heart rate, and adrenaline hormones. Memories of traumatic events can also trigger anger. Anger is essentially an emotional/physical response that allows you to defend yourself when attacked. But it is especially distressing to experience unwanted anger reactions. 

Woman with head in hands at anger management therapyPeople respond to anger reactions by attempting to calm down, suppressing the angry feelings, or expressing the angry feelings. However, massive expressions of anger – especially when physical – cannot occur every time a person is irritated or annoyed.

What do therapists do for anger issues?

The goal of receiving therapy services for anger management is to address the possible common causes of angry feelings, thus reducing the frequency of angry feelings. Then the physical responses associated with anger will also be reduced. It is impossible to control all life situations that may cause an anger response, so therapy will focus on providing strategies and tools to address situations that are likely associated with anger.

Learning new strategies for solving problems will give you greater skill in navigating difficult life situations with less anger.

Anger Management Therapy Techniques

Relaxation helps to calm angry feelings. Identifying the thoughts that may feed or prompt angry feelings and then reframing or restructuring those thoughts also helps reduce the experience of anger. Learning new strategies for solving problems will give you greater skill in navigating difficult life situations. Developing better communication skills helps diffuse heated discussions and allows you the opportunity to be proactive about your thoughts and actions.

Do I need anger management therapy?

One important sign for the need for counseling is if your anger responses are having a negative impact on your personal relationships. Improve those relationships today by improving yourself and learning strategies to control anger.

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If you are ready to take the control back from your anger, contact us today and schedule an appointment!

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