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The Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Happy couple outside enjoying the benefits of premarital counseling on their relationshipImagine preparing for marriage like you would when packing for vacation. You want to make sure you have every single item necessary for the trip that will ensure a successful and memorable time. The benefits of premarital counseling in Birmingham, AL include helping couples ensure they have what they need for a successful marriage.

The Benefits of Premarital Counseling: How Counseling Can Help

You and your partner each bring different backgrounds, upbringings, opinions, and beliefs into the relationship. Because you are each unique, you may not always see eye to eye. Some disagreements are seemingly small and insignificant. However, some topics can be triggers for a tense impasse.

What is discussed in premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling in Birmingham, AL  focuses on learning how to improve communication, broaches many not yet discussed topics and explores how you and your future spouse would handle those topics.

Reconciled couple smiling at each other in the therapist office Among those topics, you can expect to discuss things like:

  • Finances
  • Children
  • Roles/responsibilities in the home
  • Sex
  • Religion and other values
  • Decision making processes
  • How you’ll deal with conflict
  • Time you will spend together

Many times, people go into marriage assuming it will fulfill all their needs without the other knowing what they are. Discussing expectations can help bring to light any misconceptions and essentially clear the air before taking the plunge. This allows for a greater support and understanding between you and your partner as you embark on this journey.

Going Deeper

When your partner is upset, do they need space? Would they rather talk about it?

Knowing how conflict is handled is extremely important. Without the proper tools, moments of conflict could become building blocks to hard feelings, isolation, and eventually separation as you grow apart. Premarital counseling in Birmingham, AL will help you and your partner optimize your communication skills and give you the tools you need to navigate through the “for better or worse” situations.

We Offer Premarital Counseling in Birmingham, AL

At Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy, our counselors specialize in working with couples and preparing for their happily ever after. To serve you better, we offer in-person and teletherapy appointments. Call (205) 807-5372 today, or click here to fill out our online form.

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