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Anger Management

Tips for Dealing with Child Anger

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY Dealing with anger is a learned response that each child must address in his development. Parents are often used by children

Anger Management

Underneath the Anger

My name is Angelica Bellman, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy. For the last seven years, I have

Anyone can meditate
Anger Management

Meditation for those that ‘just can’t meditate’

We all know that one person – and perhaps it’s you! – that “just can’t meditate.” “I’ve tried it and can’t do it.” “I can’t sit still.” “It’s not for me.”

best birmingham therapist
Anger Management

Looking for the Best Birmingham Therapist?

Tips to Help Find the Best Birmingham Therapist \When you are looking for mental health care, you don’t want to settle for just anyone. It’s

Adolescent Counseling

Tips on Choosing the Best Psychologist in Birmingham

You’ve taken the first step and decided to seek counseling. Now what? With so many therapists to choose from, finding the best psychologist in Birmingham

Anger Management

Real Men Don’t Go to Therapy

Many men have been able to achieve their goals faster and with more satisfaction with the help of a therapist. Common reasons that men come


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