How Do I Know My Kid Needs Therapy?

Hi! My name is Angelica Bellman, and I am a Child Behavior Therapist serving Birmingham and surrounding areas from Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy. For the last seven years, I have worked in various types of programs; outpatient programs; residential treatment programs; in-home counseling; in-school counseling; etc., but currently work in outpatient children’s behavioral health Birmingham, AL. In my experience as a therapist, I have seen children and adolescents struggle with how to handle their thoughts and feelings which can lead to trouble in various spaces and can present as anger issues, anxiety, depression, withdrawal from activities, etc. 

While anger issues and disruptive behaviors at school can be a telltale sign that your child needs therapy; here are some other behaviors that may indicate your child would benefit from therapy:

  • Change in Eating or Sleeping Habits
  • Engaging in Destructive Behaviors
  • Intense Feelings
  • Negative Behaviors at Home or School
  • Isolating from Friends and Family
  • Increase Physical Complaints
  • Repeated Talks about Dying and Death

Remember many children/adolescents have difficulty expressing how they feel in an appropriate manner, especially when their feelings are so intense. You are your child’s best advocate for connecting them with resources that can help improve their quality of life (and yours)! Knowing what to watch out for is the key to getting your child help early, which is an indicator of more lasting progress down the line. When children feel they have a safe space to express their feelings without fear of judgment or punishment, it allows them to learn how to self-regulate their emotions. When looking for a therapist, it can be helpful to Google “childhood trauma therapist near me” or “children’s behavioral health Birmingham, AL.”

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