blending family counseling

Blended Family Counseling

Relationships of any kind aren’t easy. However, bringing children from two different families under the same roof brings a multitude of differences and can take some time to adjust. For some kids, this new blended family creates trauma in their lives. If you find your children or your spouse’s children struggling with your new family, a blended family trauma therapist may help.

Common Issues

The realization of a child’s birth parents moving on in a new life can be traumatic to many kids. This is just one common struggle blended families face. There could be hostility from the child’s parent toward the stepparent. One child may harbour unfavourable feelings toward their stepparent. Likewise, one adult may have issues with a child. When there are children from both you and your spouse, the children may resent each other. You and your spouse may have disagreements on how the child(ren) should be raised, disciplined, assigned chores, etc. In addition to struggles that come with a blended family, you may be holding onto issues from your previous relationship that could trigger distrust or other ill feelings towards your spouse. These are all very common issues blended families face and reasons to seek a family trauma therapist.

How Does Blended Family Counseling Work?

Blended family counseling focuses on working with the family collectively rather than just individually. It helps you and your spouse learn to work as a team and show the children unity. Therapy provides a safe place for everyone in your new family to work through the issues. Whether the issues are between two individuals or one side versus another. Anytime there is a disconnect, there are issues in the family. A family trauma therapist can also address any trauma the children (or you) may have experienced in their original home or family. As you work through these issues together, you strengthen it, everyone’s bond. By scheduling and actively participating, you show your family that they are a priority.

Blended Family Experts

As a blended family, you’ve likely already experienced a broken home. In your new family, learning to work as a team is essential to maintaining healthy relationships, especially for your children. Our team at Birmingham Trauma & Anxiety Therapy in Vestavia has extensive training and experience working with blended family counseling and as a family trauma therapist. You can fill out our form here or call us (205) 807-5372 to schedule your initial meeting today so you and your family can blend and heal together.

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