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Anger Management

Looking for the Best Birmingham Therapist?

Tips to Help Find the Best Birmingham Therapist \When you are looking for mental health care, you don’t want to settle for just anyone. It’s


Offering Experienced PTSD Counseling

TSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a mental health disorder caused by a traumatic event. Many people think that PTSD counseling for veterans is the only


Your Mental Health & Menopause

]Some women welcome menopause as it marks the end of their monthly cycles. For others, especially those with an early onset of menopause, it comes

learn coping mechanisms with our Birmingham counseling services

Counseling Services Help You Cope

Life is full of stressful circumstances. Most people attribute depression, stress and anxiety with something bad like losing a job, going through divorce, or the


Therapy is an Investment in You!

Looking for the highest rate of return on an investment? Invest in your mental health with counseling in Birmingham, AL! Think about it. You have


Double Dog Dare Your Feelings

Dr. Diana Paulk explains why you should double dog dare your feelings and how to do it. If you would like more information, please contact


What Do I Do if I Think I’m Depressed?

Clinical depression involves more than just “the blues”. While everyone gets sad from time to time, clinical depression is a serious disorder that affects more


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