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How long does depression last?

Overcoming Depression – How long does it take?

Depression is a deeply personal matter. For those that are suffering from it, it’s normal to ask questions such as ‘how long will I have

Differences between depression and anxiety.

Differences between Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health disorders. While they can coexist, they are very different.

Meditation can help with depression

Can meditation help with depression?

Meditation has been used for centuries to promote well-being … mental, emotional, and physical. More recently, meditation is being used as a tool to treat depression.

Adolescent Counseling

What the heck is a quarterlife crisis?

More than ever before teens, 20-year olds, and 30-year olds are feeling frazzled, anxious, and overwhelmed. The search for oneself is becoming more and more

Adolescent Counseling

Imagining a Better Life

Our lives are filled with a series of events; one after another.  Blissful events, tragic events, and everything in between. When those tragic events happen

New Mental Health Hotline 988

New Mental Health Hotline – 988

An exciting new-and-improved national mental health emergency hotline is now live across the U.S. What is it? 988 is the new Mental Health Hotline set


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