One Question That Could Change Your Life Immediately

The One Question That Could Change Your Life Immediately

It’s a tiny little question that is capable of putting all of our thoughts into the very best perspective…

I don’t often make promises in the course of conducting therapy. But this is a promise I can guarantee – even in the midst of the worst of situations. I can promise you that the reality of your life is WAY better than what your worry, anxiety, and other feelings are telling you. Anxiety has a way of affecting your thoughts in a very negative way. When anxious, our thoughts are often exaggerated and not based on reality. And the more we allow those false thoughts to remain in our brains, the more intense our anxiety feels.

How can you tell when you are out of touch with reality? You may use extreme forms of words, like “never,” “always,” “no one,” or “everyone.” You might say to yourself, “I have no one in my life to support me,” or “Bad things always happen to me.” This is when it’s time to “double-dog-dare” your thoughts by asking, “Is that REALLY true?” 

Rarely will the answer be yes. In the rare case that the answer is yes, then you know what you need to address in your life. But most of the time, simply remembering to ask yourself if what you are thinking is “REALLY TRUE”  – and answering it honestly – can help get your feet back on the ground and get your thoughts and feelings anchored in reality. If you’re using the FTD Chart from earlier posts, then you will watch the intensity of your feelings go down when you anchor your feelings in reality.

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