Your Mental Health & Menopause

]Some women welcome menopause as it marks the end of their monthly cycles. For others, especially those with an early onset of menopause, it comes as a loss and brings depression. The good news is that depression treatment in Birmingham, AL can help anyone having a hard time with this change of life.

Symptoms of Menopause

During the process of transitioning to menopause, your body is essentially shutting down your ovaries, which is where the hormone estrogen is produced. You may experience a plethora of symptoms during this change including the following:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Weight gain
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Irregular periods
  • Mood swings

Symptoms are not the same for everyone. They can also range in severity; so it definitely is not a one size fits all experience.

Depression During Menopause

Harvard Health Publishing states that depression episodes may double during the menopausal transition. Furthermore, if you have struggled with depression or anxiety in the past, you are more likely to experience recurrence. The physical changes you may experience during menopause can be a trigger for either depression or anxiety. Night sweats and hot flashes can result in loss of sleep which plays a vital part in our mood and leads to depression. Fear and anxiety over how your spouse will see you as your body changes are also common. Add all these factors (and other symptoms) together, and it’s no wonder depression treatment in Birmingham, AL is so common during menopause.

What You Can Do

Be aware of the symptoms you’re experiencing and what they are attached to. Adequate exercise and sleep are important. Most importantly, don’t go at it alone. We can help when you need depression treatment in Birmingham, AL. Our counselors will help you not only through the downside of menopause, but also open your eyes to the bright side! Contact us here or call Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma therapy at (205) 807-5372 today.

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