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Women’s Issues Therapy

Women are more inclined to talk to their friends and spouse about things that are affecting their day-to-day. However, that’s not always enough. That’s partially why woman’s issues therapy has become more common. Not only are there more things that can impact a women’s mental health, but women are also more likely to suffer from things like depression and anxiety. 

What Exactly Are Classified as “Women’s Issues”?

At first, it sounds dated to search, “counseling for women’s issues near me.” After all, it’s commonplace to speak openly about monthly cycles, pregnancy, breast cancer and things that were once only mentioned in hushed tones. However, women’s issues therapy includes so many things. 

  • Coping with infertility or pregnancy loss – Women feel pain and guilt over both in a very different way than a man may.
  • Menopause – This sometimes feels like a loss of our youth, beauty and vitality, coping with menopause is solely a female burden that can be addressed in women’s issues therapy.
  • Rape and sexual abuse – Although men report both rape and abuse, it’s overwhelming a female issue. One in five women will be raped by a stranger, on a date or by a spouse in their lifetime while the same statistic for men is one in 71.
  • Eating disorders – The National Eating Disorder Association sites that twice as many women as men suffer an eating disorder in their lifetime.
  • Depression and anxiety – Hormones play a part in why women suffer from anxiety and depression more than men, however, so does abuse and gender stereotyping.

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of women’s issues therapy, nor are all these issues exclusive to women. Statistically, however, women are more likely to seek therapy for these issues than men.

Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy Can Help

If you’ve searched “therapist specializing in women’s issues near me” and we came up, that’s by no means an accident. We have many compassionate and experienced female therapists on staff ready to help you with your needs, whether they’re classified as “women’s issues” or not. Call Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy today to learn how we can help you at (205) 807-5372 or fill out our contact form.


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