African American psychiatrist in Birmingham

Why You May Want an African American Therapist

Being an African American in today’s America is different, and many would say, more difficult, than it has ever been. Racial issues differ from the last century. Whether you’re a police officer, mechanic or black psychiatrist in Birmingham, AL, you face new challenges in our society. If you need therapy and are an African American, you may want to seek out an African American psychiatrist in Birmingham, AL. Here’s why.

Trust is First and Foremost in Therapy

If you don’t trust your therapist, you won’t share your feelings openly and honestly. If you don’t share, you won’t be able to find peace, clarity or healing. As humans, we tend to trust those to whom we can relate. If we’re black, that may mean an African American therapist in Birmingham, AL.

Point of View

Depending on why you’re seeing a therapist, you may need them to understand how you view the world and how society views you. For some, that simply means the same gender. For others, it may only mean the same race. Depending on the reason you’re seeking therapy, you may want someone who is of the same gender, race or both.

Education vs. Experience

Although many universities include cultural studies and history as part of their program, you can’t teach a Caucasian therapist what it’s like to be a black person any more than you can teach an Asian therapist what it’s like to be a Hispanic person. Someone who is the same race as you simply understand because they live your reality. There are certain illnesses, including mental illnesses that are more common in different races. A black psychiatrist in Birmingham, AL understands what is common in the African American community here more than any other race.

Ease of Therapy

If you’re black and have an African American psychologist in Birmingham, AL you may find that therapy flows more smoothly. You simply don’t have to explain things that are understood in the black community. Instead of taking time away from your therapy to explain to someone of another race how it works in your family, you can simply say, “like most of us….” and they will understand.

You Have the Freedom to Choose

No matter what your race, gender identity, sexual orientation or reason for seeking therapy, you have the right to choose a person you feel most comfortable with. That may mean a man or woman. It may mean a white or black therapist in Birmingham, AL. No matter what you’re looking for in a therapist, call Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy today to learn more about our many team members and schedule your initial visit – (205) 807-5372 or fill out our contact form.


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