What’s New June 2017 – Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy

We are now in the middle of summertime. While that might mean that things slow down in some professions, it certainly isn’t the case for Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy (BATT)! Four of our therapists have wait lists, but we still have therapists who would love to serve some new people. Tim DeLoach, who is a relatively new therapist, still has a few session times available.

But we are most excited to welcome the newest members of our team – Connie Viteri and Brianna Bonds. Connie is a therapist who comes to us with multiple specialties. As with all our therapists, Connie is skilled in treating anxiety, trauma, and depression. However, we are extremely pleased that Connie brings two new services to offer at BATT. First, Connie has vast experience in working with people who are dealing with chronic medical conditions and issues. Second, Connie has the skills and ability to provide therapy in Spanish! We can now begin serving the Hispanic community with the mental health services that all people deserve and need.

Brianna will fulfill our newest position at BATT, that of Psychotherapy Care Coordinator. Her optimistic attitude and passion for serving people with mental health needs will bring a new fire to the BATT family. Beginning June 8th, you will see Brianna’s smiling face as you enter our offices.

Please be sure to meet the newest members of the BATT family. Both Connie and Brianna are looking forward to meeting YOU.

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