What BATT is Doing To Protect You

At Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy (BATT), we want to remind you of the wisdom of Mr. Rogers. We also want to give you some information about what BATT is doing to protect you during this coronavirus season. Last, we want to share our plans for continuing to provide therapy services to you.

Let’s All Remain Calm and Encourage One Another to Reach Out for Help

What BATT is Doing to Protect You

The team at BATT is watching the development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation carefully and we are focused on common sense prevention. In our waiting room, therapy rooms, and administrative offices, we are exceeding the CDC’s recommendations to prevent the spread of illness. We are deep-cleaning the office each morning and evening. We are also sensitive to any need to clean specific areas in between sessions. Finally, we are also providing you the opportunity to sanitize your hands before you enter our office suite and sanitizing opportunities throughout the office in order to strive toward even more protection. (The CDC’s page on prevention can be found at:…/about/prevention-treatment.)

Our Plans for Continuing to Assist You on Your Therapy Journey

We have arranged for all who would rather not risk coming into our therapy offices the opportunity to have therapy sessions online! We have been contacting state licensing boards, national professional organizations, and insurance companies around the clock! As of this writing, the majority of insurance companies in Alabama have agreed to cover some form of teletherapy (also called telehealth). Please do not hesitate to reach out for help during this time. We will be happy to check your insurance and make sure you know all of your options to receive therapy services during this time. We are certified and committed to providing online therapy in a way that is safe, thoughtful, and geared toward your needs.

As a mental health practice that has many focuses on helping people with anxiety, we want to be careful about provoking fear; but it is also wise to take reasonable preventive action as shared above. Again, we don’t want you to engage in excessive worry, so please check out the link to an article with some helpful suggestions for dealing with the worry and anxiety that we are all feeling right about now:…/are-you-worried-about-the…

We wish you the best of health and well being. We will get through this together! Please contact us for more support or with any questions at 205-807-5372 or [email protected].


Diana L. Paulk, Director
Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy

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