Couples Counseling

couples therapy

Do you feel alone in your relationship? Have you experienced being hurt, frustrated, or angry with your spouse/partner? Do you avoid closeness? Does life feel like an ongoing argument? Have you thought about leaving the relationship? Do your attempts to talk about it only make things worse between the two of you? There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. When two people make a commitment to one another, they also bring their own history, values, and opinions into the union. Couples therapy helps couples (married or not) improve their relationship by giving them communication skills, problem-solving skills and helping them negotiate their differences.

Couples therapy may be short-term (just a few sessions) or take longer, depending on the unique nature of your relationship. Most couples therapy involves weekly sessions with homework in between that is designed to improve communication and foster a deeper bond. Many things can affect the quality of a marriage or relationship. Infidelity, anger, illness, and sexual issues are common reasons people decide to seek help from a marriage counselor. Relationships can be tested in numerous ways – even the gradual growing apart from one another. Most people hope that problems will resolve automatically, but that is rarely the case. In fact the sooner couples seek help, the better the outcome in therapy.

Resolution of problems is not the only reason couples come into therapy. Some couples seek counseling to strengthen and deepen their bond with one another. They want to understand each other at a more intimate level.

Our therapists provide counseling to couples who wish to marry in order to better prepare them for the union of marriage. This focused counseling experience can help you iron out any differences before the marriage is sealed.

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