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Below you can find some recent news from PsychCentral. This information is pulled from their website, and is updated as more articles are created. You can also find Birmingham Anxiety & Trauma Therapy in the community and recent news here.

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Podcast: Loneliness and Litigation: A Lawyer’s Case Study

Source: Psychotherapy | Published on 2020-12-10

Inside Schizophrenia Podcast: Transitioning Out of Pandemic Mode

Source: PsychCentral | Published on 2021-16-09

Caregiving for Schizophrenia

Source: Psychotherapy | Published on 2020-10-21

What happens when we turn off emotions

02/11/2020 – via

Alabama Attorney General Discusses Wife’s Suicide Struggles

08/27/2018 – via ABC 33/40

Suicide Awareness Alabama Shows Pattern of Higher Rates than National Average

06/08/2018 – via ABC 33/40

Licensed Counselor Talks About Taking School Safety From Discussion to Action

03/14/2018 – via ABC 33/40

5 Truths That Will Get You Through Hard Times

11/2017 – via Hey Sigmund

How To Deal With Cyberbullying

09/26/2017 – via ABC 33/40

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