Children and Adolescents

child therapy

Is your child struggling with behavior problems? Is your child showing signs of emotional difficulties? Raising children in today’s society is an all-important task that can be quite overwhelming and demanding. It can be especially taxing when you are not sure what to do. But parenting can be a rewarding endeavor that brings great satisfaction and happiness across a lifetime for both parent and child. We want to help your child make positive choices that will set them up for success as adults.

Occasionally, parents simply need support from someone who understands and has experience identifying solutions for children with emotional and behavioral challenges. Consultation sessions are available to discuss potential options for their children or to discuss services that may best fit the needs of their family as a whole. We are committed to helping parents help their children live a more successful and fulfilling life. We can help you prioritize the needs of your child and provide parenting strategies for you to use at home that will also nurture the bond between you and your child.

Sometimes children develop certain emotions and behavior because of something that has occurred that has affected the entire family. In this case, it may be helpful to sit down with a neutral and objective professional who can help clarify the underlying problems that are fueling the conflict in the family. Family conflict can occur in relationships between parents and children, between siblings, and also can occur following the blending of families.

Many older children and adolescents prefer to be treated as young adults and respond best to a combination of play therapy techniques geared toward teens and adult “talk therapy.” These children and teens are capable of talking about what is bothering them and have the ability to try new solutions to solve their problems. We try to help them look objectively at their behaviors, feelings and thoughts and the situations in which they occur.

We use assessment as a tool to help gain an understanding of the unique qualities of your child.
Assessment helps in problem solving, diagnosis, psychotherapy and counseling, and in evaluating progress.


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